Who are we and what is this all about?

Difficult questions. The short answer is that we are two people who enjoy the pleasure, the clarity, the lightness of being that comes with a balanced lifestyle. Ayurveda has produced dramatic results in our lives. That we are able to share this treasure with others through our work is simply a fringe benefit.

Having said that, let us add that we believe wholeheartedly in our work. To know that through our knowledge, our touch, our compassion and support, another living being has been relieved of pain and suffering: this is the true reward of our work, and the reason we do it.

We take our work seriously. We are committed to it, and to our clients. For this reason, we demand a reasonable level of commitment from those we treat. The client who asks if he can smoke during the panchakarma purifcation process is an uncommitted client. At the very least, he should be willing to stop smoking for the six days of the treatment for the sake of his own health.

To be committed to the process is vital. Panchakarma is a cleansing treatment. During the removal of toxins from the body, there may be times of discomfort. And there may be concepts and ideas that require trust and a willingness to open the heart and mind to new experiences. Nothing of value is ever gained by remaining in the comfort zone. This is equally true when it comes to health.

For the serious, committed client, we offer an equal commitment to his or her treatment. We take the time to explain. We guide you through the process and give you the emotional and psychological support you need. And in the end, that makes all the difference.

Who are we? We are Healing Hands, healing hearts, healing minds. Welcome to our web site.

Healing Hands Massage and Ayurvedic Spa Services
is owned by Greg and Selene Soucy. For more information, please use our contact us page.

We would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to our mentors, teachers, and friends, Drs. Bryan & Light Miller for sharing with us their wisdom, their passion, and the joy of living a balanced Ayurvedic lifestyle. We are grateful.