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Seeker of health and happiness, welcome! At Healing Hands Bodyworks, we offer numerous services to aid you in your journey toward a balanced life, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Combining the benefits of ancient wisdom and modern science, our services are designed to be simple, powerful, and efficacious.

To begin, we offer a wide variety of massages, from Classics such as Swedish or Shiatsu, Sports Massage to Somatic Movement Therapy, IRMT (Integrated Restorative Muscle Therapy) and Nero-muscular Therapy. For a description of each, see our massage page.

We also offer herbal infusions, both as tonics for internal and external use and as
part of our aromatherapy.

Our most effective service is our Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment. This is a five-step detoxification program designed to cleanse and purify your body inside and out. Leaves you with a feeling of bliss.

Then there is the exotic delight of shirodhara, a thirty minute session in which a stream of warm oil is poured continuously onto the third eye region of the forehead. The feeling this produces is one of sheer ecstacy.

Once you've achieved a more balanced body and mind, you'll want to maintain it. We'll show you yoga postures and simple stretching exercises that will help you to avoid returning to an imbalanced state.

To help you to achieve greater spiritual balance, we offer the Tarpana ceremony, a beautiful and liberating method for coming to terms with who you are.

Take a few moments to peruse our pages and learn a bit more about what we do. If you're planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta anytime in the next year, please look us up.

Finally, we also travel to other cities from time to time to provide services to those who can't make it to Puerto Vallarta to see us. If you'd like to be informed when we come to your town, send us your name and address using our contact us form. And yes, we do go
to other countries as well.