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Panchakarma is a form of Ayurvedic therapy intended to purify and cleanse the body. We use a modernized Western form of this therapy which works better with Western lifestyles. (The traditional form takes six months. Who in the West has that much spare time?)

Panchakarma is about detoxification. Over time, our bodies accumulate toxins. Ayurveda believes that a clean body is necessary for good health. Thus, we must find a way to rid ourselves of built-up poisons in our systems.

There are five steps to Panchakarma. The first involves the use of oils both internally and externally to lubricate the body. This is called oelation or snehana. It is done to prepare the body for the other therapies to come.

Purgation (virechana) is the second step. This step begins the internal cleansing of the body through the use of herbal laxatives. Next, the pores are cleansed in the steam cabinet. This is called sweats therapy or svedhana.

Internal cleansing continues with an enema (basti). Finally, the detoxification concludes with nasal therapy, known as nasya, which involves the inhalation of drops of oil through the nasal passages.

The result of Panchakarma is an incredible feeling of purity, cleanliness, and lightness of being. It is difficult to grasp just how much our accumulated toxins weigh us down. Another common benefit is weight loss, often as much as ten to fifteen pounds. Most of this is excess water retained because the body is out of balance. Not only does the panchakarma eliminate bloating in this way, it forms the basis for a proper Ayurvedic diet which will keep it off and help burn off excess fat as well.

You really have to try this therapy to understand it. For more information on any of these therapies, please select a link above or use our contact us or testimonial page.