The fourth step of the five-part panchakarma treatment is enema therapy or basti. Unlike traditional Western enemas, however, which use plain water, Ayurveda uses herbal infusions, medicated oils, or other natural substances to cleanse the colon and large intestine.

We choose from a wide variety of substances in creating the basti mixture. Among others, we may use infusions of aloe, rosemary, prickly ash (don't worry, it doesn't prickle), fennel, cinnamon, juniper, or ginger; essential oils such as bay, cardomom, eucalyptus, lemongrass, myrrh, and sage; or even coffee, milk, flax seed oil, sesame oil or yogurt.

The basti mixture is warmed to a pleasant temperature and gently run through the colon using a colema board. This permits a consistent flow without creating pressure. During the enema, the abdomen is massaged to help move the fluid through your system and looseorn impacted wastes.

Your privacy is carefully protected throughout this procedure. The result is a tremendous feeling of cleanliness, though it may take multiple treatments to remove all the toxins, especially if this is your first enema.

Once the enema therapy is complete, you move on to the final step in the panchakarma treatment, nasal therapy.