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panchakarma is life-changing
I can’t tel you how amazing i feel after a 6 day panchakarma with Healing Hands.  First of all Greg and Eduardo are such a pleasure to be with, and incredible therapists.  I admit I doubted whether such a young guy could teach me something in yoga, as I’m an experienced yogi, but I learned a lot from him.   And now after all the cleansing, I have never felt this good in my body before.   I really noticed it when I went to dance for the first time since I got back and felt how much more fit I am!  I can do yoga poses easily that were difficult before. I feel so light and lithe in my body. And wow, Greg really goes the extra mile in terms of personalizing the treatment and taking care of you!
I was in PV for a vacation and was recommended by a friend to Greg who claimed he had done miracles for his son with a severe neck/spinal injury. Greg was booked so he recommended Edwardo, a colleague of his and osteopath. I was looking for relief from a chronic shoulder/rotator cuff injury. Edwardo was able, in a single 1.5 hr session, to evaluate and treat my shoulder so that I had 50 % more range of motion, and I was able to continue improvement when I returned home from PV. Many thanks, Edwardo!
by: Bob Ness
Both my wife and I had body work with Greg. It was more than a massage. More than chiropractic. It was truly transformative. Its hard to describe his innovative technique and how it realigns stuck patterns in the ways we all hold ourselves...but it was amazing. He is a true healer. If we were local we would see Greg on a regular basis without a doubt. As a matter of fact we have booked another trip just to work with him. Don't miss the opportunity!
by: Carl Priolo
Greg is Gifted
I'm athletic and have great self-care. I like very effective specific bodywork. Greg knows what he is doing, and is very innovative in his work. I highly recommend him. -- cate stillman, www.yogahealer.com
best massage ever
I have had many, many massages in my life and struggle with neck pain. I had two of Greg's massages and my neck felt incredible -- I can honestly say, they were the best massages I have had in my life. I am looking forward to my next trip to PV for another massage.
by: tina roberts
Really 'healing hands'
I gave up going to chiropractors and normal massage therapists because they couldn't help my pain or their relief was very temporary. I am so glad that I found Greg while on vacation. He is so caring and works so hard to bring relief from pain. Thank you Greg for all you did to help relieve my pain. You are a blessing
by: Terri Grunzke
Sehr empfehlenswert!
Gregs Massagen sind auf körperlicher sowie emotionaler Ebene sehr empfehlenswert und hilfreich; so manche Spannungsfelder wurden gelöst. Auch sehr dankbar war ich, dass er Hausbesuche gemacht hat. Ein herzliches Dankeschön! Gregs massages are on a physical and emotional level highly recommended and helpful; some areas of conflict have been resolved. Also very grateful I was that he made house calls. A big thank you!
by: Monica
Wow - Greg is a true master. I venture to say that this man single handedly has more experience transforming people's bodies and lives than the rest of the PV massage therapists COMBINED. He is humble so you won't know it until you meet him, but this man has trained and worked with some of the top practitioners in the world. Once you arrive at your session, you are immediately put at ease - not by the candles or fancy music, but by who Greg is as a person, the journey he has taken in his life, and your body's recognition that this is the man who can help you release stuck patterns of pain and suffer no longer! He has done wonders for me and my body (and I'm only 25) and working with him for just three sessions helped me making HUGE progress on my path towards healing and self love. Don't hesitate to work with Greg. He is more expensive than the other folks in PV because the is worth GOLD and could easily charge hundreds if not thousands in the US for the work he does. Pick up the phone or write him an email now, you won't regret it!
by: Vlad
Miracle Worker
My husband has had chronic back pain for the past 5 years (or maybe more) and Greg really helped ease his back pain. He knows exactly what he's doing. I would recomment him 100%!! He was even kind enough to pick and drop us off to our hotel.
by: Neha
first panchakarma experience, and I'll be coming back for another in future!
I can't say enough about how wonderful it was to spend a week in Greg and Selene's care whilst they took me on my first panchakarma journey. They are nothing short of amazing! Here's why: 1. Between Greg, Selene and Eduardo, they have nearly 60 years experience in ayurveda and yoga - so with them, you are in safe hands. 2. The food, juices and teas are delicious! Greg and Selene's cooking skills are incredible, everything is fresh, healthy and personally tailored. I never once was hungry. 3. Their massages are the best I've ever experienced. You can't even define who's who in the four handed massage, they're so in sync with their pressure, technique and rhythm. And they know how to find and remove all your tension, they seriously do have healing hands. 4. Daily yoga classes with Eduardo. Again, the best yoga classes I've ever had were my one on ones with Eduardo (and I'm training to be a yoga teacher myself so I hope this gives you a sense of his ability!). He's incredibly knowledgeable, considerate, perceptive and full of warmth and kindness. It also helps that he's a massage therapist too and can pull and stretch your postures in the most incredible ways! Bliss. 5. They bring the panchakarma to you! Given I was traveling on a budget, this really helped me. I was able to choose my own accommodation in Bucerias (Greg helped me find it) instead of spending a fortune at an all inclusive resort. Having Healing Hands come to you gives you flexibility to stay where you want. 6. The panchakarma journey itself is definitely worth doing. I'm 30, fairly fit and healthy but wanted to do a panchakarma to enhance my wellbeing and longevity. By the end of the week, I felt incredible. I felt light and energised, my skin was glowing, my eyes were clear, my spine was striaght, my body was relaxed, my muscles were free of knots, I felt strong and supple from the yoga and I left with so much knowledge about applying ayurveda to the rest of my life. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone! 7. Last but not least, the Healing Hands team really make you feel like part of their family. Their kindness and generosity make you feel so at ease and comfortable, they're truly divine. Thank you Greg, Selene and Eduardo! I'll be back... ;)
by: katherine