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A source for healing an injury or a great massage
I had an incredibly painful back injury and desperately needed some relief. Not knowing who to go to or trust I asked a few friends who all recommended Greg Soucy from Healing Hands Massage. I emailed him and he arrived at my door the next day. I was nervous because I was in so much pain, but he was extremely professional and experienced. By day two I was 75% better, by day 3, I was 85% better, and within one week I was completely back to pain free! I would highly recommend his services whether you are looking to heal an injury or just for a great beneficial massage. You definitely are in good hands!!
by: Carla
I actually broke my neck a year ago and thus have been exposed to a depth of cervical spine knowledge and physical therapy techniques. I've practiced yoga, capoeira, and a multitude of body workers. Until my experience with Greg, I had resolved to myself that there was no one who could help me. After our two, two hour sessions, I sat up with the world more clear, colors brighter, and with two more inches in my range of motion with my neck. This I posted on my facebook page afterwards: I just had the best body work session in a very long time, this marks a milestone-- new relationship to my body, validation of my own intuition, choices in the last year and focus, and a clear road of needed dedication to further. If anyone gets to Puerto Vallarta and is interested in neuromuscular therapy I have a contact for you. I'm fitting in one more before I leave. I could not recommend Puerto Vallarta's Healing Hands Massage & Ayurveda Spa more-- because of the skill, experience and rapport I received the most transformational bodywork of my life.
by: Gabe Mott
Greg is a true healer. He is blessed with the ability to connect with energy and find & release specific blockages in his patients. He's one of the very few gifted healers who has the intuition, extensive training, experience and especially the confidence to do certain techniques and adjustments in such a unique way to find and release pain and blockages. His warmth, compassion and love of his work come through. He is a pleasure to work with and you can't wait to see him again. I am an acupuncturist, I know many healers and I've never met anyone as talented, passionate and special as Greg!
by: Stacy M
We were in Peurto Vallarta a few months ago with a group of 16 and rented 2 private homes for a 40th Birthday celebration. Leading up to the trip I was dealing from complications of a Lower Lumbar Diskectomy that had gotten worse and I didn't think that I would be able to make the trip. I did make the trip, but by the time that I got there I was not feeling very well. I was dealing with pain and quite a bit of tightness. Luckily my Girlfriend had set up massages for anyone who wanted them. Greg and another therapist showed up right on time to where we were staying and set up their tables right near the beach. My Massage Therapist was Greg and what a great way to start the trip. I explained to Greg that I was an athlete who suddenly was feeling debilitated from my back condition. He customized each massage to everyone that he saw that day. As he worked on me he explained what/why he was doing certain techniques. By the time the massage ended I was able to move with a huge improvement in my mobility and overall pain which continued to improve through the rest of the vacation. I can't Thank Greg enough for your skill and professionalism. Greg really cares about his work and more importantly his clients. Thank you Greg for helping me enjoy an amazing vacation and getting me moving. What a great way to start a trip.
by: ERIK E.
Greg helped me so much! This massage helped me reconnect my body properly. I can't wait until I get another one! I know I grew an inch after Greg was done. I am in training for the Susan G. Komen 3Day walk and my training has not seemed so hurtful since this massage.
by: Nicole
Memorable Massage
I had my first Ayurveda experience this week from Healing Hands and I am completely impressed with the results of the treatment. I felt an overwhelming sensation of stress-relief and muscle relaxation. I highly recommend Healing Hands to anyone experiencing pain or tension!
by: Catherine
Happy Traveller
If your travel plans should include a trip to Puerto Vallarta and you enjoy massage, make sure you go to see Greg. This man is all they say about him and more. Greg is very knowlegeable, warm ,friendly and kind as well he speaks perfect english as well as mexican. You can expect 5 star treatment and I recommend at least 2 visits to him as the 1st is so he can check and asses your whole body while recieving a most beautiful relaxing massage. 2nd visit to recieve whatever adjustment your body, mind and soul really is needing. His prices are very reasonable as far as the world of massage goes. He corrected my left should(that I didn't know was out of allignment) as well as my neck and back. Sorry he is not in Vancouver BC. but I can't wait to go back and see him again. Thank You so much Greg! P.Davison Van. BC. Canada Feb. 2012
by: Phil Davidson
Panchakarma in Mexico
During the past 15 years my wife and I had to travel to Lancaster, Massachusetts, and Boone, North Carolina in the United States as well as Bad Ems in Germany for reciving Panchakarma for Disease Prevention and Health Preservation. How great was our surprise to surf the Internet and realize that there was a company (Healing Hands) providing Panchakarma in our country and one of the most beautiful places in Mexico (La Riviera Nayarit). We contacted Healing Hands and agreed to receive Panchakarma. The reality is it exceeded our wildest expectations. Regardless of the high cost of travel abroad, there Panchakarma is much more rich and generous with services. In both the U.S. and Germany (abroad) The following services are included as part of the normal protocol of Healing Hands: - Start the day with personalized classes taught by a yoga instructor, excellent and highly qualified. - Different types of teas to purify different body organs. Abroad only hot water is taken. - Assorted fruit & vegetable juices and herbs daily throughout the Panchakarma to purify different body organs. Abroad do not provide a fruit juice. - Total skin brushing before massage. - Beautiful music for massage application. Abroad is extremely boring. - Massage is soft but vigorous, a thorough and efficient way to mobilize toxins from the body. Overseas massage is a "SPA" type, ie, light and superficial. - Steam bath daily. Abroad is not provided. - Liquid diet without hunger the first three days. Finally, the Director-General himself and his wife participated in the implementation of the Panchakarma you will enjoy their kindness, generosity, professionalism and great human qualities. Abroad the massage techniques they use are cold and indifferent. We recommend this Panchakarma to all. No more traveling abroad for it. There will be foreigners who come to Mexico to receive it.
by: Juan Miguel Castaneda
Panchakarma en México
Durante los últimos 15 años mi esposa y yo habíamos tenido que viajar a Lancaster, Massachusetts y Boone, Carolina del Norte en Estados Unidos así como a Bad Ems en Alemania para practicarnos Panchakarmas para prevención de Enfermedades y preservación de la Salud. Grande fue nuestra sorpresa al navegar por Internet y darnos cuenta que había una Empresa (Healing Hands) que proporcionaba Panchakarmas en nuestro País y en uno de los lugares más bellos de México (La Riviera Nayarita). Los contactamos y acordamos recibir el Panchakarma. La realidad superó nuestras expectativas más ambiciosas. Independientemente del alto costo de viajar al extranjero, el Panchakarma es mucho más rico y generoso en servicios. Tanto en los Estados Unidos como en Alemania (el extranjero) no se incluyen los siguientes servicios que forman parte del protocolo normal de Healing Hands: - Inicio del día con clases personalizadas de Yoga impartidas por un excelente instructor altamente calificado. - Diferentes tipos de tés para purificar diferentes órganos del cuerpo. En el extranjero únicamente se toma agua caliente. - Variados jugos de frutas y hierbas diariamente durante todo el Panchakarma para purificar diferentes órganos del cuerpo. En el extranjero no se proporciona ningún jugo de frutas. - Cepillado total de la piel antes del masaje. - Bella música durante la aplicación del masaje. En el extranjero es sumamente aburrido. - Masaje vigoroso, profundo y eficiente para movilizar las toxinas del cuerpo. En el extranjero el masaje es tipo “SPA”, es decir, ligero y superficial. - Baño diario de vapor. En el extranjero no se proporciona. - Dieta líquida y sin hambre los primeros tres días. Finalmente, el propio Director General y su Esposa participan en la aplicación del Panchakarma pudiendo uno gozar de su amabilidad, generosidad, profesionalismo y enorme calidad humana. En el extranjero los Técnicos que aplican los masajes son fríos e indiferentes. Recomendamos este Panchakarma a todos los mexicanos. Ya no hay que viajar al extranjero para ello. Son los extranjeros los que vienen a México para recibirlo.
by: Juan Miguel Castaneda Franco
Honestly, I did not know I needed healing when Greg gave me a massage. But the difference I felt after was unbelievable! My energy has increased, I feel lighter, more flexible and just overall better! THANK YOU Greg! You truly do have healing hands!
by: Molly Fisher Executive Director of Peace Mexico