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Panchakarma Experience
My panchakarma experience with Greg and Eduardo at Healing Hands surpassed my expectations. Being new to Ayurvedic medicine, I entered the experience open, yet naïve. I completed the experience euphoric and empowered. Most panchakarma clients will favor the daily 2 hour body treatments and the shirodhara. For me the largest lingering effects have been greatly spiritual. As a competitive athlete, yoga has never been a large part of my fitness; yoga has now become the foundation of my fitness helping to level out the extreme cardio workouts with less intense and more grounding asanas (postures). The breathing Eduardo Hernandez taught us each morning by the pool as we saluted the rising sun, have now so easily become part of my high intensity breath recovery process in my other sports and given me the physical strength to expand my exercise regime with increasingly challenging asanas, as well as explore other genres of yoga. Eduardo’s vast knowledge and gentle sincerity allowed for both me and my partner to explore multiple levels of yoga suited to our individual needs. Today we continue to incorporate yoga into our daily lives, while nurturing our bond as a couple. I suppose the colonics and fasting were the portions of the treatment I feared the most. However, in retrospect, the colonics are undoubtedly the aspect of treatment that has impressed the largest benefit to my systemic stability. Greg’s simply instructions leading into the process and the non-invasive equipment put me swiftly at ease. The discomforts were no greater than those of regular stool movements and the results have sustained remarkable differences in my current digestion and confidence. The panchakarma experience at Healing Hands was authentic and typical as the week-long treatments followed the expected sequence. Nonetheless, it was the array of extras that Greg provided, that made the panchkarma with Healing Hands, way more than anything I may have expected. Daily teas, juices and gourmet meals were prepared daily, while fresh fruit and flowers lent to the esthetic balance. Body work (muscle, tendon, structural adjustments), tarpana, ear candling, eye therapy, skin brushing, steam showers and nightly prepared ghee and milk, plus customized teas, churna, aromatherapy, drops and an open sharing of immense knowledge launches Greg’s services to a level I’d wager most others advocating a similar service could not attain. My experience with Healing Hands has allowed me to resume my regular life, but not my regular ways. Since returning from PV, I now consider coffee and red meat a treat, rather than staples. Yoga has replaced 3 of my 5-day/week high cardio workouts, plus the noticeable changes to my physique, energy and confidence spur me on. My food choices at the market, although not drastically altered, now include a new assortment of spices, herbs and staples (ghee, lentils, more fish and produce) and less processed choices. I am less reliant on science to dictate my health needs and more reliant on my intuition and newfound knowledge about how my body works. Since returning home, Greg has continued to be a constant source of support and reliable source to quench my hearty Ayurvedic thirst.
“An experience you and your body won't forget!”
I went to Greg on my last trip to Puerta Vallarta in November 2010. I had suffered from right shoulder pain for well over 10 years and had heard of him through some online searches. I decided to try him out. My resort was quite a distance from his practice, but he happily came to me. My resort would not let him practice on their premises since they had a spa with massage therapists on site. But Greg quickly found a Chiropractor friend to let us use his space. Greg immediately put me at ease and began his magic on me. He not only helped my shoulder pain, but found other areas in my body that I had no idea even hurt. I left glowing, literally! I would highly recommend Greg to anyone!! This was not only a spiritual experience but a healing one. Ps. My shoulder pain did not come back for 4 months, the longest period of relief in 7 years. Next time I am in Peurta Vallarta, I will certainly go back to see Greg.
by: Erika Uchmanowicz
number one on my list of massages in my life
peace and blessings you are on the top of the top 5 give thanks for your skills
by: mother nyame
Massage Therapist & More
Gregory has been my massage savior since I was pregnant with my first child in 2005. Ever since I have become a regular and he has moved away - no massage compares! He truly has a gift of being able to release and clear energy through his work. I highly recommend Gregory as both a massage therapist and ayurvedic practitioner."
by: Michelle Oravitz
I'm not sure i can accurately describe greg's methods, in as much as they're a blend of so many traditions and approaches. What i can say without hesitation is that they are the perfect blend. He has an understanding of the body, of musculature, of the connections between and amongst all that runs below the surface that goes beyond the academic. He feels it...and then you feel it. And "it" is better, healthier, healed.
by: seth matlins
Massage Therapy
His business is aptly named for when it comes to "healing hands" Gregory is the one. He has alleviated muscular pains in my body and has a command of the human anatomy that allows him to target the source of the problem quickly and effectively. On the very first session he was able to rid me of intense neck-shoulder discomfort caused by cervical strain and arthritis. This condition had been worked on unsuccessfully for weeks by a physical therapy clinic. This was very impressive and I kept going back for more. Besides his technical skills and knowledged Gregory is personable, easy-going, accomodating, punctual and reliable. I have enjoyed his therapeutic as well as relaxing massage therapies now for over five years and give him the highest of recommendations.
by: Jose Castro
Over the years
Gregory is a gifted body worker and Ayurvedic practitioner. For years, I was most fortunate to have had ready access to Greg and took full advantage of his expertise. Most recently, I had a Pancha Karma which brought be back into balance, body mind and spirit!
by: Joan Glick
I am moved by his depth, knowledge, ease and my transformation under his guidance was remarkable. I recommend him without reservation, in fact encourage anyone who is considering a return to health and balance!
by: Joan Barnes
My Experience
Greg is a master at what he does. His services have helped me correct some tension issues as well as balance my over all stateof body and mind. I recommend Greg as a person who facilitates health in a powerful manner.
by: Mariano Montes de Oca
Great Results, Expert, Creative
“Greg is probably one of the best Bodyworkers on the planet. I have been receiving massage for 25 years and he is still one of the best Bodyworker's I have ever workerd with..If you want results and relief from any tight spot in your body he's your man... John Vito Owner / Director Body Mind & Spirit Massage Therapy Center Berkeley Ca"
by: John Vito