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I just completed my 6 days of the most amazing detox process with Greg and Selene in Pueto Vallarta. I am not new to Pancha Karma, but i have to say that Greg has perfected his program to allow for busy professionals like me to experience an intensive cleansing for body mind and soul. I feel like a new person. Rejuvinated in every aspect. the treatments are very customized and healthy in every sense. Greg uses high quality ingredients for all the therapies including the most amazing vegetable juices and not to mention the delicious healthy gourmet cuisine that they prepare using healing spices and veggies, fruits etc. Exceptional eye treatments, healing oils etc. The massages are exceptional. Greg has a unique technique to release the tension in the muscles and reprogram the muscles to alleviate the recurring pain. I can go on and on about the wonders of Greg's Pancha Karma treatment and highly recommend this at least once a year for total renewal of mind, body and soul. Thank you Greg
by: Kal Mistry
Greg has been a great physical therapist for me on and off for many years and I've made many improvements under his healing and guiding hands. I can also second Kal's remarks that Greg has an individual and unique technique to release muscle tension so as to alleviate recurring pain and stress. He's among the best and a great guy too.
by: michaej72
Massage Therapy
Having been a client of Greg's for more than 10 years, I can tell you that he's got a great variety of skills...from massage to adjustments and realignment. He has improved my lower back pain and would recommend him for anyone that has had on-going health issues, aches or pains of any kind...don't wait any long, just make an appointment!
by: Jackson Robertson
"Over two months ago, I experienced my first Pancha Karma with two very accomplished healers. I have been in health care for over 22 years, and "Healing Hands" Pancha Karma was the most complete healing I ever experienced. I am more at peace and ease in body, mind and spirit. I am still experiencing the robustness I have not had in years. Their insightful guidance gave me tools to use after I returned home. This process was most worthy of my time and money. Thank you, Greg & Selene, for your complete attentive care to all of my needs during the entire week of healing." Dr. Sue Mullen
by: Dr. Sue Mullen, DC